Hi, I'm Brandon. I'm a software engineer working with Javascript and Typescript on all things web and sometimes mobile apps. My focus is on building performant infrastructure and products. I build mostly with React, React Native, Next JS, MongoDB, Node JS and Express JS

About me

After leaving University in 2019 where I studied Computer Science, I decided to pursue my passion for programming. I enrolled into the front-end developer career path on Scrimba. My favorite part of programming is the problem-solving aspect. I love the feeling of finally figuring out a solution to a problem, especially if the solution accomplishes a broader mission. My core stack is React, React Native, Typescript, Prisma, Next.js, Node.js, and MongoDB. I am always open for full-time positions as a software developer, or collaborations on new projects.

When I'm not coding, I like to stay active by playing football and field hockey, touching grass, as they say.

My projects

Anime Plus

A full stack streaming service built with react. The build time for this project was about 8 hours (which is about 4 days in real world time, accounting for a full-time job)

  • React
  • Styled Components
  • Firebase
  • Redux

Covid Tracker

A project that still tracks the covid numbers even after the pandemic has died down. The build time for this project was about 2 hours.

  • React
  • Javascript
  • APIs
  • Material UI

E-commerce React Native App

A fullstack react native ecommerce app with a dashboard to update products and prices.

  • React Native
  • SQL
  • Supabase

My skills

My experience

Contact me

You can contact me directly at or through this form, and I'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible